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Video poker and slot machines are really similar. Both of these games offer progressive jackpots. In this article you will find all the useful tips on progressive jackpots in video poker.

The greyhounds betting odds difference between normal jackpot and progressive jackpot

In a traditional play bingo machine, your winnings depend on the hand you have. If the hand is unique you stand a chance of wining more. However, the jackpot has a limited value. Thus you always win more with a royal flush. This is not the case, on a machine which has a progressive jackpot. In fact, its value is not limited. It can increase.

The concept of progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpot casino bonus is the sum that rewards the most unique hand. Instead of offering at any moment the same amount of money, it increases little by little to the rhythm of bets of the players internet poker. So for a royal flush you get 8000 in general and 1 on a classic online casino video poker, you can win hundreds of thousands even millions of Euros, on a machine which offers progressive jackpot especially if the jackpot has not been hit for a long time.

Electronically linked progressive jackpot

Certain types of progressive jackpots are much more interesting than others. In fact sometimes one of these sums will only be available on one machine. Thus, only the players who are playing on the machine increase the progressive jackpot. The latter is often interesting. However, there is even a more lucrative amount than that, when the huge sum is not linked to one machine but to several machines. In this case, all the williamhill players who are using video poker are part of a network and contribute to the jackpot at the same time. The latter increases faster and it has a significant amount. A percentage of each inserted chip in each video poker machine linked to the progressive jackpot is also linked to the other machines for the huge amount.

To win the progressive jackpot

If you want to win the progressive jackpot, you have to try to obtain a royal flush each time you have the opportunity. Having, the 5 card combination is difficult and rare. You might never get it. But if you happen to obtain it, the fortune is yours.

Another compulsory thing is, you should always bet the maximum chips allowed. In fact, if you play less, you will get the regular winnings and not the progressive jackpot, if you obtain a royal flush which everyone desires but you are not allowed to collect your winnings because you did not bet the maximum chips allowed, you will regret this for the rest of your life.

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