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Cartoon strip poker – Absolute Poker makes online poker history as Australian

Absolute Poker makes online poker history as Australian hits $821
670.69 Bad Beat Jackpot.

Betting Strategy at Three Card Poker

Although this table game uses the hand rankings and general concept of poker
it lacks the subtlety and skill of variations like Texas holdem and seven card stud
where the players compete directly with one another. In fact
three card poker is even simpler to play than blackjack
in which the player must learn the optimal decision for each set of hands in relation to the dealers up card. Three card poker involves only three decisions: Is it worth playing due to the payout structure? Should I bet the Pair Plus? Do I fold or play my hand? Lets start with the first question. While roughly similar
there are several different payout structures on the ante bet
which vary from casino to casino. Fortunately
the difference in house edge in almost all of these structures is less than 1%. When choosing where to play
your best option will be a table that pays 5 to 1 on a straight flush and 4 to 1 on three of a kind
although 3 to 1 isnt much worse. You should be aware
that there are some casinos that do not pay a bonus on the ante when the player makes a straight
improving the house edge. If possible
avoid three card poker at these casinos
even if a special payout for a Mini Royal Flush is offered. The next decision you need to make is whether or not to play the Pair Plus circle. A friend of mine once told me a story about how his father had won a lot of money using the strategy of betting on the Pair Plus
as if this were some sort of expert move. On the contrary
the Pair Plus is often seen as a sucker bet
as it serves merely to increase the house edge
though the prospect of a big payday on a straight flush is certainly enticing. The most common pay structure
in which a flush pays 3 to 1
is actually the least favorable to the player. In general
play at places that offer 4 to 1 odds on a flush and 6 to 1 on a straight; the other hands are rare enough that slight variations in the payout do not much matter. If youve decided to play in the game at all
you must then choose to fold or play your hand each round. Fortunately
this is probably the easiest decision of all: bet the Play if your hand is Q-6-4 or better and fold if it is lower. In other words
play any hand that contains a king
any hand that contains a queen and a seven or better
and any hand that contains a queen
a six
and a four or better. This hand is the cutoff point for where the player begins to lose less than he would lose by folding. Using this strategy and betting the Pair Plus would give the house an edge of a little over 5%
which is higher than blackjack and some bets on the craps table but not too bad when compared with many of the other bets in the casino.

Gambling And Education Go Hand In Hand For Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher may have made her fame starring on Desperate Housewives
but the actress has brought much attention to herself by revealing that she uses gambling to teach her daughter math.

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