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Lucky Seven Casinos in Seoul, Korea

Just wanted to drop a note to folks that three casinos opened up in South Korea in the past year. I know that sounds like no big deal but now the grand total is 12 Casinos in the country. After all
gambling is illegal for Korean citizens so only foreigners are allowed.

Three are in Seoul
one is 5 mins from my house so I have been frequenting it. The rules are surprisingly good for the complete lack of competition. The three are about 30 miles from each other
the other 9 being in Pusan or Cheju Island.

for the Seven Luck Casino at the Hilton near my house:

Six Deck
Dealer stays on S17
Double anything
Surrender except on dealer ace
and three 7’s pay 3:2 and beat dealer’s 21 like blackjack (btw
is this a normal rule? I didn’t even know about it till someone got one)

Special Bonus: 4/5 of the dealers and waitresses are really gorgeous asian ladies
if that matters to anyone (I like it
Special Bonus 2: free drinks
free parking and free dried squid if you want it.. I’m serious

I’m pretty new to counting so sorry if the rules above look amaterishly described. Anyway
I like the rules since I usually play in Reno where they have some lame tables.

if anyone wants to come to Korea I’ll be glad to guide you to them
just let me know.

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